May 15, 2019: The Night Before

Glory be! New York’s machines arrived and spent the night safely in far North Scottsdale.  Slaw and K-Fly arrived knowing they will be able to ride on time.  Fish and GQ arrived along with the two east coast elites so Papa car-pooled them from the airport to North Scottsdale.  Fish to meet his beloved BMW at the German dealership.  GQ dropped at the Milwaukee Metal dealership to collect his rental and Papa along with K-Fly and Slaw went to Paco’s office to greet the others.  We didn’t spend much time as K-Fly was quite literally pining for his Japanese mistress.  His words “I need some alone time with her.”  I mean I love my Milwaukee Geezer Pleazer but “alone time”!

News was spreading that the RV crew were in town and had picked up our sweep vehicle.  They had gone to Costco for provisions.  It was time to head to far North Scottsdale to prepare for our kick off ribeye bar-b-q.  K-Fly, besides seeking alone time with his Japanese Mistress ,was infatuated with Arizona’s own saguaro cactus.  This almost seems Freudian.

Papa’s offspring and offspring’s offspring were gathering to assist with the bar-b-q. Boner, a new Pack member, would be the grille master.  The entire Pack members leaving from Scottsdale were in attendance along with some friends, family, and business partners.  Great food, greater fellowship coupled with our kick off meeting.  It was a wonderful evening.  It was, for the most part, an adult beverage free evening… on purpose.  We should be able to avoid a 4 hour ER visit for IV fluids because we took it a bit easy this year…. SLAW!!!  The evening ended with a Papa’s rendition of America The Beautiful, fitting since we will ride for two weeks in witness.  Papa packed up the east coast elite, house guests for the evening, so K-Fly could get his alone time.  Some of the Pack headed to their hotels and a few others toward Paco’s to adorn the RV so it displays our logo and mission.

The rested and refreshed Pack with gather at Konica Minolta / All Covered / FORZA offices bright and early.  Final prep, breakfast, Local Fox affiliate broadcasting, final family good byes and we will be off!

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