May 14, 2019: T-Minus 2 Days and Slaw is Already Causing a Problem

I have been texting with Slaw all morning.  As we prepare for our pre-ride kick-off dinner tomorrow night, Slaw still hasn’t located his Harley.  It is on a truck somewhere between upstate New York (lower Canada) and Scottsdale.  Literally 48 hours from wheels rolling and Slaw is already a problem.   Some things never change.

I have seen in the txt-verse that Lone Star and friends are just a few hours from Scottsdale.  Judge (new member) is arriving tonight… before Slaw’s bike,  BTW, Judge is riding shotgun in a following RV because we don’t trust him to drive on 6 wheels let alone 2!  Kick-off steaks are in the fridge, local bikes have had pre-flight inspections, sponsors (THANK YOU SPONSORS) have been generous, vendor/partner stops have been verified.  All systems are a go… except for Slaw!

-Signed Papa

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