Honorary Rider – Bill “Sidecar” Glos

“Being from the Scottsdale area, I was able to participate in the last three launch parties in MWA’s parking lot for the ride. Between the marching bands, food trucks, bike dumps and lots of Scottsdale’s finest police officers escorting the bikers on their way, it’s just an awesome experience to be had.

Due to my son’s birthday, I’ve only been able to make it to D.C. once – 2015 – and was completely amazed by it all. It all began with an extremely emotional dinner in Georgetown where George Gorman and Larry Coco had the room crying with tears of sorrow and joy. The following day was filled with tours of our nation’s monuments, including: Arlington, Iwo Jima and the National Mall. Each commemorates people who were willing to fight and die for our freedom and the country they loved.

Yet, the greatest monuments I saw were the men and women who got on their bikes and rode across the country to honor the same heroes, especially the Patriots Pack who have done it for such a worthy cause like The Jillian Fund. Luckily, I will be able to be at both events this year – the launch party in Scottsdale and the Rolling Thunder in D.C. – and I can’t wait! God bless The Pack!”

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