Why I Ride – Mark “Bert” Albert

“Having been in the copier industry for over 36 years, I have been blessed to
have gotten to know so many people along the way, especially Mike Stramaglio. He is a very dear friend of mine and I am thrilled to continue to be a part of the Patriots Pack and ride with a purpose!

Like many, I have a personal connection with this event as it relates to The Jillian Fund. My wife and I had just celebrated her 10th year as a cancer survivor and I am so grateful for her every single day! With this ride, I get to celebrate my wife’s triumphs while sharing the inspirational story of yet another remarkable person, Jillian, and her spirit while making a difference for those in need.

As it pertains to the ride in general, people will never understand the true closeness that riding as a ‘Pack’ for a cause can bring unless you: saddle up for 3000+ miles though rain, wind, wrong roads, days in a Harley Dealerships getting Gordito’s bike fixed, picking Slaw and his bike up off the ground, GQ’s (I Know a Guy) sauce, Lone Star’s tools and always there for you attitude and many dangerous situations we all seem to escape.”

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