Why I Ride – John “Papa” Brostrom

“The Patriots Pack is a special group of guys and I absolutely love participating in ‘The Ride’ with everyone. There are quite a few things that motivate me to do this every year. First and foremost – the riding!  There is no such thing as a bad reason to get out and ride. Couple this with the camaraderie of a group of like-minded individuals who are riding for a specific goal will result in pure bliss. Finally, the aforementioned ‘specific goal’ is being able to enjoy the experience while raising significant funds for such a worthy cause is just phenomenal.

Year in and year out, this group continues to do amazing things and shed light on important causes that affect many people on a national and global scale. It has been an honor to embark on this journey for the fifth consecutive year. The most encouraging thing to see is that the group has grown over the years and the impact that we have continues to make difference for those in need.”

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