Why I Ride – Gavin “Gordito” Williams

“Riding with the Patriots Pack is always something that has been special to me, but this ride in particular is extremely near and dear to my heart on two levels personally.

First, it is an honor to ride in support of The Jillian Fund and all that they provide for families in need during a very bad time in their lives. As a father, I can only imagine what these families have to go through during those tough situations. So I’m thrilled to do anything I can to partake in the cause by sharing Jillian’s story with everyone we meet.

Secondly, I ride to support our troops and veterans. There is not one, single motorcycle event larger than Rolling Thunder and as an American in this divisive time, it is important that we show our solidarity to those who fight or fought for a freedom that appears to be forgotten by some. Now more than ever, it is important to me personally to show that we can and will band together to protect those freedoms.”

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