Why I Ride – Doug “Doc” Johnson

“It’s an honor to be able to embark on my first journey with the Patriots Pack this year. Every year I tell Mike Stramaglio I’ll be a part of this but then I let work priorities get in the way of my participation. As the same thing was happening this year, he told me it was his last one and I thought I’d miss out on a great event.  I told him if he changed his mind, I was in – no matter what.  I respect Mike a lot, because he brings his entire self to work—a rarity in this industry. So, one of my reasons for riding is that it’s a way for me to support him as a person, industry leader, and friend.

Another reason lies in the charities that are involved. I believe in the Jillian Fund and Rolling Thunder causes, and hope this is just the beginning for me to help contribute more directly to these important causes.

Lastly, I am participating in the ride for the ride itself. For me, there is nothing more relaxing and invigorating than getting on my motorcycle and riding. I particularly enjoy riding in packs. The comradery, the memories, the open air. I can ride 500 miles a day and feel more refreshed than sitting in an office all day.”

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