Why I Ride – Mike “Lone Star” Christenson

“Unless you have experienced the Patriots Pack brotherhood, it is very hard to describe the deep feeling you have about the pure joy you have during this event. The experience begins from the time you get up and gather for another leg of the ride, meeting strangers who want to hear your story and get a picture with the group, to riding up to a destination and seeing the excitement of everyone there to greet you.  The way people want to hear why you are riding and telling stories of their own and becoming a part of a memory of the journey.

Then there is purpose of the ride… losing my mother to cancer, the Ride for Jillian is very close to my heart. Honoring The Jillian Fund and raising support for the foundation along with commemorating the veterans all culminates into something very special. It’s the biggest ride of your life. There is such a joy in bringing the Pack to the destination along with all the memories of the journeys each year. I am so proud to be a part of the Pack and each and every time I ride, I wear the patch with pride!”

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