Why I Ride – Simon “Fish” Vermooten

“As a new member of the Patriots Pack, I am honored to be associated with this group and its noteworthy causes. I have many motives for participating in ‘The Ride’, beginning with the principle of keeping a commitment. During my first encounter with Mike Stramaglio, we got on the subject of bikes and he proceeded to share stories about the annual ride which I had wanted to do and now have the opportunity to do so!  This ties into my second motive, fellowship. Over the years I have had the privilege of meeting most of – if not all – the guys and I can’t think of a better way to create life-long bonds than joining the pack.

My last two motives – to honor the fallen and support the good – also link together. It’s very important to honor the fallen and those who serve. As a veteran of another country’s war, I can relate to current servicemen and veterans. I was able to return home to my loved ones without too much physical or mental damage which I consider myself extremely blessed. When it comes to supporting the good, The Jillian Fund embodies that perfectly. Being a parent with children (now in their early twenties), I couldn’t image having to deal with a child suffering from a life-threatening illness. I can, however, do something to help those who are dealing with such adversity.”

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