COVID – 19. The word itself manufacturers feelings of isolation, anger, sadness, frustration, and overall morose. It has halted businesses from opening, gave crushing blows to organizations which were once prospering, taken loved ones from us, and has instilled fear into the hearts and minds of many Americans. At a time when the Patriot Pack is usually saddling up for their cross-country trek to D.C. in honor of those we have lost, they are isolated in their homes, sheltering in place, and wishing they could ride for those who can’t.

However, there is light at the end of this tunnel and the original two members of the Patriot Pack have decided that the “show must go on.” Below is a message from Pack Leader, Michael T. Stramaglio.

This Saturday The OG Pack hits the road East, once again. JB (John Brostrom AKA Papa) and I felt the “call” during this unprecedented time in our country and our industry! We are riding for our fallen and missing warriors, those who have gone before us, the Jillian Fund, and to bring some hope and inspiration to our industry! We are riding for you and for Freedom! America is the greatest country in the world and our future looks to be greater than ever! It is all up to us and that’s exactly what we want!




The Patriot Pack has elected to forego sponsors and donors for the ride due to the current economic landscape caused by COVID-19. However, if you feel called to donate, please visit The Jillian Fund website and donate here.






Mike (Paco) and John (Papa) will be departing Scottsdale on May 16th at 9:00 am.


May 19: Day 4; Still Texas! It’s Arthur’s Fault

  Tuesday began typically early. Papa went to the lobby to put some bags into his Harley and then hunt coffee. The having-difficulty-trying-to-be-pleasant night manager greeted as Papa walked by. On the way back in, pre-coffee mind you, THDTTBP night manager stopped Papa and exclaimed:  “For future reference it is not ok to park your motorcycles …


If you would like to be a sponsored ride stop along the way, donor, contribute, or would like to participate in some other way, please contact us to discuss!

Jenna Stramaglio